2nd DeepEyes Workshop

The 2nd DeepEyes Workshop was held at UFMG Campus in October 03, 2016. Around 70 people were present, including researchers such as Larry S. Davis (University of Maryland), François Bremond (INRIA), Eduardo Valle (Unicamp), Sandra Ávila, Filipe Costa, William Robson Schwartz (UFMG). Advances achieved in the previous year of the project were presented and discussed. Problems such as forgery detection on digital image and videos, detection of illegal crops from remote sensing images, development of techniques for human identification based on facial information and activity analysis from digital videos. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and start new collaborations with researchers in the video surveillance and the computational forensics communities.

Criminal activities may vary in complexity and scope, but they are spread in today’s society. With the technological development, crimes have become more sophisticated and not only afflict the physical world, but also the virtual world. Due to the countless ways the illegal activities may be performed, our society needs to pursue new techniques to solve and prevent such activities. Therefore, we need objective criteria to identify characteristics in the crime scenes or prevent crimes from happening by taking effective measures through electronic surveillance. Facing such challenges, this project, sponsored by CAPES and within the Pro-Forenses Program, aims at the development of visual computing and machine learning algorithms related to the computational forensics and surveillance.