SMS: Research and Development of a Intelligent Surveillance System Applied to Oil Platforms


Camera monitoring is an exhausting task for human operators, which is even more challenging when multiple cameras need to be monitored simultaneously. As several studies show, the operator’s attention decreases significantly over time, increasing the chance of operational errors. For these reasons, the development of an automatic system is fundamental in some cases.

This project has two objectives. The first, the study, development and evaluation of algorithms to be incorporated into a prototype surveillance system capable of automatically analyzing visual data obtained through cameras. The second, the creation, development, deployment and experimental validation of a prototype intelligent surveillance system capable of monitoring workers in oil platforms through visual data. This system will be able to issue warnings in cases of inadequate use of protection equipment, obstructions of escape routes and will be capable of biometrically identifying all workers on the oil platform.

More than ten researchers comprise the team coordinated by Professor William Robson Schwartz. Victor Hugo Melo is the team’s technical lead. The project also involves researchers from the São Paulo State University (Unesp) and from the Eldorado Institute.

Petrobras Platform

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