Benchmark on Activity Recognition based on Wearable Sensors


This page contains the source code and data used in our paper Human Activity Recognition Based on Wearable Sensor Data: A Standardization of the State-of-the-Art. In this paper, we implement and evaluate several state-of-the-art approaches, ranging from methods based on handcrafted features to convolutional neural networks. Also, we standardize a large number of datasets, which vary in terms of sampling rate, number of sensors, activities, and subjects. We implement and evaluate several state-of-the-art methods, summarized in the table below.


Mean accuracy achieved by the methods using the Leave-One-Subject-Out (LOSO) as validation protocol. The symbol ‘x’ means that it was not possible to execute the method on the respective dataset.

Kwapisz et al.90.4171.2770.1513.0466.6742.1975.31
Catal et al.94.6685.2575.8932.4574.6746.8474.96
Kim et al.93.9081.5764.2038.0564.6051.4850.22
Chen and Xue88.6783.0675.58xx61.9483.89
Jiang and Yin51.46x74.88xx65.3579.97
Ha et al.88.3473.79xxxxx
Ha and Choi84.2374.21xxxxx


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