SensorCap: Sensor Data Capture


SensorCap is an Android tool that captures sensor data in user-defined configurations. The goal is to allow researchers and developers to quickly save sensor data for research, testing and prototyping. The sensors are broadly defined to include “motion”, “position” and “environment” device sensors.

An intuitive user interface facilitates tasks such as setting up a sensor, entering capture details and sharing sensor data. Capture settings include the ability to enable or disable any available sensor and adjust the sensor sampling frequency.


  • Easy to use user interface;
  • The only app that allows the capturing of smartwatch data;
  • Captures phone, smartwatch or both device’s sensors;
  • Allows the user to specify the details of the capture info, such as device position and side. Also allows the input of the subject’s name, height, weight, genre, and age;
  • Ability to enable or disable any available sensor on the device;
  • Configure the sensors data generation frequency;
  • Save data as binary or CSV files;
  • NTP time synchronization;
  • Data sharing via email, message apps, cloud storage and others;
  • Device time can be visualized by QRCodes for video and sensor synchronization purposes;
  • Sounds and vibration to alert the user before starting capturing;


If available, the SensorCap will save data from the following sensors:

  • Accelerometer
  • Gravity
  • Gyroscope
  • Gyroscope Uncalibrated
  • Linear Accelerometer
  • Rotation Vector
  • Step Detector
  • Game Vector Rotation
  • Geomagnetic Rotation Vector
  • Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic Field Uncalibrated
  • Proximity
  • Light
  • Pressure
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Relative Humidity


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